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Fund. Achieve.


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Everyone has dreams. Some small. Some large.

All dreams are worth exploring.

Your most treasured dreams

are worth funding. 

St. Wyatt Grant Consultants can help you

bring your dreams alive. 

An award winning grant writer,

Kali Saint-Wyatt

has won more than fourteen million dollars

in grant funding.

We are a team of professional

grant winning consultants.

Let us win for you.

Snowy Mountains


St. Wyatt Grant Consultants provides grant coaching, strategizing, researching, writing, copyediting, and managing services for federal, state, local, foundation, and private fund grantseekers. 

Fund Needs.

Organizations have needs that go unmet everyday. Imagine having the funds to help meet those needs. That is what grant funds can help you do, so your mission can continue and succeed.

Fund Futures.

Developing a strategy for the future of your organization includes a funding strategy. Grant funding can play a significant role in achieving the funding goal for your future. 

Fund Dreams.

Every organization has a vision. Too many times that vision seems further away than when you began. Grant funding can help bring that vision into focus.


Charles Powell

“Kali wrote a grant for my non-profit addictions treatment center in Raleigh-Durham. I found out about the State grant just four weeks before deadline. She not only wrote it in four weeks but she won it! Without her we would have never been able to open.”


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