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St. Wyatt Grant Consultants provides professional services to faith-based institutions, schools, businesses, and non-profits to connect their passion, vision, and mission to strategies for funding their possibilities.

We thrive on your success. Since 1992.

St. Wyatt Grant Consultants Vision Sky



Empowering others' dreams.


Write grants to fund dreams.

hand hold wood block with business goal, strategy, target, mission, action, objective, tea


Our professional grants team has the power to fund:

  • security for schools and faith-based organizations

  • tools to prepare children for tomorrow's workforce

  • restore and protect the biomes

  • invigorate imaginations through art

  • give voice to the soul through music

  • plant food for communities

  • equip first responders to save lives

  • raise healthy and active adults

  • help places of worship grow stronger

  • our clients' needs and dreams to further their mission bringing their visions to life.

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